Mark Frankel

Our Treasurer makes sure we remain in legal and financial compliance to maintain our nonprofit status.


The 5th Annual Warriors Trust Fund 

Golf Benefit is scheduled for 9/11 at the 

Glen Oaks Golf Course in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

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Erica Battle

Erica serves as The Warriors Trust Fund's Board Member

Tanya Allen

Tanya, our President, is a networking guru who promotes our mission in the community.


Captain Tracy Golliday-Champagne, U.S. Air Force
Sgt. Clyde Willis, U.S. Army (RET)

Donna Joseph-Kemp

Donna Joseph-Kemp, vice president, assists with media outreach.



We are committed to supporting Veterans who participate in the Oakland County Combat Veterans Treatment Court and the 45th District Veterans Treatment Court of Oak Park.


One-hundred percent of all funds raised goes towards supporting Combat Veterans in the criminal justice system.

Barbara J. Locke

Barbara serves as secretary and manages our grants and programs.


Matt Szukalowski

Matt, is a Trustee for The Warriors Trust Fund

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2012 - Oakland County Chief Judge Nanci Grant and Probation Agent Marseille Allen begin working with U.S. Veterans on felony probation through a Non-Compliance Sanction Program.

2012 - Judge Grant and Agent Allen attend the first Veteran Treatment Court Conference in Washington, D.C.

2013 - The State's only Combat Veterans Treatment Court (C-VTC) is established. A Memorandum of Understanding is agreed upon by Veteran Affairs, The Michigan Department of Corrections, the Sixth Circuit Court of Oakland County and Oakland County Veteran Services.

2014 - The Warriors Trust Fund receives 501c3 status and begins to support participants in the C-VTC. 

2015 - The Oakland County Bar Foundation grants the Warriors Trust Fund its first grant.

2017 - Eligible veterans from the 45th District Veterans Treatment Court of Oak Park begin receiving services from the Warriors Trust Fund.